Thank you for your interest in Clínica Medica Familiar. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality health care services in a compassionate environment that meets each patient’s physical and mental needs. Our healing philosophy serves not just our patients, but our staff and our community. It makes us happy to help patients improve their quality of life. Having compassion for others is an important personality trait for jobs throughout the medical field. However, it’s especially important in positions requiring direct contact with patients and their families. Being compassionate means expressing sympathy and care toward others. Medical professionals, such as medical assistants, nurses and physicians, mostly deal with patients who are either ill or injured. As a result, patients are at their most vulnerable state, and having a compassionate caretaker can be both comforting and reassuring.

Not all or any positions may be open at this time, but please feel free to submit your resume for review.

Application Process:
Submit your resume to

If you meet the qualifications, a manger will contact you by phone or email to learn more about your experience.
An in-person interview with the hiring manager will be arranged, if you are selected to continue in the hiring process.
If we extend an offer for the position, we will first communicate the offer details verbally and explain the next step.
We want our candidates to have a great experience. Please note that the interviews and selection process can vary based on location and position. We encourage you learn as much as possible about the position during the interview process to ensure the right mutual fit.